Faith in 2017

Several kids, pounds, breakdowns, blessings, and years later I am back to writing.


Homeschool:  I have 8 children now and we had homeschooled until this year.  My kids  ages are very close together 11-1.  Then all of the families at our church (who coincidentally homeschool also) decided to start a semi-school.  It uses the Memoria Press Curriculum, which teaches the classical method.  The kids go to school MWF from 8:30-12:30.  The best part is that they are exposed to the religious life.  We have those in the religious orders come in to talk to the kids in the classrooms twice a month or so.  The parish priest is also in often.  The kids go to daily mass twice a week, 1 of which is the Latin mass.

Wow.  Thank you God.  Miracle of miracles for us.

2017 is increasing in hope and faith





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